Everyday Wisdom: “Life is Hard” EP.21

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Life is indeed hard, and as soon as you get that, it becomes dramatically more manageable.

From the “Terrible Twos” through the end of life, life is hard. And hard for different people in different ways. All 7 billion of us are going through our own different versions of “hard.” Behind every face there is a story. Each of the 7 billion stories are different. We often think that we are unique in the depth of our struggles because we compare the turmoil inside of us with the relative calm on the exteriors of those around us. Ironically, the people around us are doing the same thing in reverse.

This is not a podcast about how life is unfair. If is a podcast about how the rules for success in our lives, personal, financial and political, are 1. The same for everyone and in all three areas, and 2. Simple to understand. Simple, yes, but very hard (there’s that word again). Hard, yes, but jolly well worth it.

Life os hard–for everyone–in different ways, and hard is not an excuse or a reason in and of itself to ask for/demand taxpayer assistance. Remember, it is hard for everyone–including the taxpayers.

Hey, the NFL draft was last night. Do you care? Did it go well for your team?

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It is time for our usual parting thought. For us at Results With Reason, it is not simply change your thinking, change your life. It is change your thinking, change your actions, change the  world. And if you can do it in love and enjoy the people around you at the same time, all the better. Remember: Knowledge by itself is the booby prize.

Will Luden, writing from my home office at 7,200’ in Colorado Springs.

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  1. Re the draft, I think the Broncos did well in round 1, but they need to address the offensive line if they want whoever becomes their No 1 quarterback to finish the season in one piece.

  2. You need to do a blog on your “I flunked out of college” story… very good story to share, especially since you ultimately ended up with a Harvard MBA.

    1. Author

      Charlie, interesting idea. It does go to “life experience.” Trying to focus more on the topics and less on me. More thoughts>

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