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Zero Sum Game (EP.15)

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(Podcast teaser only. Please go to the podcast for more. Let’s start with a definition of Zero Sum Game. Overall, this means that if you are going to win, someone else must lose. Like in sports or gambling. If you or your team are going to win, for example, a basketball game, the other person or team must lose. You go +1, they go -1; the sum of the two is zero. Same with gambling: if you are going to win $100, someone else needs to lose $100. Again, a zero sum game. Unlike sports or poker, life is not a Zero Sum Game. It is a win-win or no deal. Imagine trying to win in a relationship by “beating” the other person. In the business world, can you win by beating a “good deal” out of your suppliers or employees? Of course not. And unlike poker, where the total amount of money on the table does not grow–it simply changes hands–in business the whole pot can grow. That is one of the reasons that more than one person can win at the same time. In life, it is not -1 and -1 equalling zero; it is 1 + 1 …